Dragon Shrine


A great and ancient shrine in the clouds, only accessible by the Dragon Aerie. The shrine itself is home to the Ancient Dragon, a dragon so old that it was alive before the dawn of time. Its power has grown to godlike proportions and it resides in the Dragon Shrine as a deity. The few Undead who survive their journeys long enough to meet it, seek its counsel in their quest for a cure. The Ancient Dragon willingly obliges its supplicants and harbors no ill intent toward visitors who show proper respect. It will even gift you with the Ashen Mist Heart, which "allows one to delve into the memories of the withered". Provoking the Dragon's wrath however, will result in swift and unimaginably fierce retribution.

The Drakekeepers are colossal warriors that staunchly watch over the shrine, ready to defend its resident, or allow one worthy enough to be granted audience. They are mysterious guardians of the Shrine who protect the Ancient Dragon dwelling within. The Drakekeepers' true nature and identities are unknown; their faces are perpetually hidden beneath their onyx helmets, leaving one to wonder at their origins. It is said that something dark eats away at them - could it be that they, too, were once human?

The Dragon Knights are transcendent apostles of the Dragon Remnants Covenant. They were once human but have partially transformed into dragons through the use of Dragon Scales. The immortal Dragons are unaffected by the Curse and the prospect of becoming one offers a glimmer of hope for afflicted Undead, but at what cost…?

The shrine also hosts an important artifact, the Petrified Egg. Retrieving it for Magerold will get you access to the Dragon Remnants Covenant. A powerful dark spirit guards it though, Dragonfang Villard. He is a Dragon Knight charged with protecting the Petrified Egg stored in the Dragon Shrine. He is the strongest of the apostles residing in the shrine and will invade anyone who enters the spiral staircase leading to the egg.

A Dark Priestess is also at the Shrine. She is a hollowed Drangleic priestess, and the reason for her presence here is unclear. Did she journey to the shrine in search of a cure for the Curse, or was she a resident responsible for performing holy rites?


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