Dores, Graveguard of the Forbidden Woods


Dores was a student of Byrgenwerth, along with the Password Gatekeeper, who remained loyal to Willem after the Byrgenwerth schism in which Laurence and the other students departed the college to found the Healing Church and School of Mensis. Willem sent Dores and the Password Gatekeeper into the labyrinth (Chalice Dungeons) likely in an attempt to further his research by gathering more information and materials and by carrying out rituals therein. The graveguard attire indicates that Dores carried out many untidy rituals involving blood and various tools within the Labyrinth. The use of the word untidy indicates Dores' inexperience with both the rituals and the labyrinth, a situation that caused Dores and the Password Gatekeeper to go mad when they encountered the eldritch Truth within. Going mad because of the weight of the old knowledge appears to be a common result for those who enter the labyrinth, happening to Tomb Prospectors of the Healing Church as well.

Most tomb prospectors, members of the Healing Church chosen to explore the old labyrinth, are unable to withstand the weight of the old knowledge, and go mad.
This attire is worn by those lost souls.
Truth oft resembles madness, inaccessible to the dull of mind. Those who go mad are merely thoughtful souls who failed to reach any conclusions.
- Madman set description

Dores wore manchettes, a type of glove worn by fencers, specifically sabreur wielders, on their weapon hand or simply an armpad. Interestingly enough, the madman set also wears manchettes. The mask of the graveguard set is made to mimic the Watchers of the old labyrinth. Perhaps this was one means of survival, as imitating the Watchers might allow Dores to slip past unnoticed. Alternatively, the mask may have been a product of Dores' later insanity. After going mad Dores still remained loyal to Willem and was given the task of guarding the graves of the Forbidden Woods, perhaps from grave robbers, or those with inquisitive minds. The player finds Dores' set within the Forbidden Woods near the large gravestones, implying that Dores may have met an end carrying out the sacred duty given by Willem.


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