Sorcerers originate from Vinheim, and more specifically, from the famous Dragon School located there.

Sorcerers rely on soul sorceries but defend themselves in close combat using a dagger and a small leather shield when necessary. Proper students of the Vinheim Dragon School take pride in their studies and look down on those who break the formal dress code established for sorcerers.

A dead sorcerer can be found in the same room where Griggs of Vinheim is trapped, down in the lower part of the Undead Burg. It seems that this sorcerer got trapped in a barrel, like Laurentius of the Great Swamp, and eventually died.


  • Dagger
  • Small Leather Shield
  • Sorcerer's Catalyst
  • Sorcerer Hat
  • Sorcerer Cloak
  • Sorcerer Gauntlets
  • Sorcerer Boots


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