A pyromancy user and hand axe-wielding class coming from the Great Swamp, a region known for being a refuge for pyromancers.

The traditions of Pyromancy in the Great Swamp is relatively new, as Salaman became Quelana's pupil only roughly 200 years ago. Upon returning home, he was quickly called Master Pyromancer and got the nickname Great Fireball, possibly for the spell he used or created.

He took pupils, Carmina being the most accomplished one.

The name 'Salaman' could be made parting from the Salamander, which is one of the multiple mythological beings of fire.

DLC Interview

Miyazaki: Salaman is a character that has an important role, along with the witches of Izalith,
in the story of pyromancy rather than in the story of Dark Souls.
Salaman’s story was created to introduce a concept of pyromancy
but only his name appeared in the original story.
His visual image has actually been created and he is one of my favourite characters.

Pyromancer's combat relies on a clear offensive strategy, casting pyromancies and dealing heavy blows with the hand axe. The robes worn by this class, though seeming tattered, are indeed very resistant against harsh environments and elemental damage. This is due to the nature of the Great Swamp, where adaptability is key to survive.

The lifeless body of a pyromancer is found in Blighttown, along with the poison mist spell, an unique spell created by Eingyi. It could possible that Eingyi was the one who poisoned the swamp in Blighttown.


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