Dark Chasm of Old


No one knows what lies beyond the dark passages found across Drangleic, but perhaps they are better left undisturbed. The Dark Chasm of Old is the remnant of some ancient, dissipated being.

According to Darkdiver Grandahl, the Dark Chasm beckons those with Dark within them; those drawn to the Dark are destined to seek it. A human effigy must be given to gain access to the Dark. The Dark Chasm has existed from times long past and was once a great void of darkness but became fragments, which scattered and slowly grew, absorbing all things.

The Darklurker prowls the depths of the Dark Chasm. It is an entity cloaked in complete and total mystery. It has been in the Dark Chasm since the dimension was first split asunder and its existence was unknown until now; the only thing that is certain is its hostility toward interlopers. What manner of unholy being is this and from what great Darkness was it born?

The foes encountered here are:

  • Forest Spirit (Dark Spirit): A ghostly entity that drifts through the Dark Chasm. Although its true nature and origins are entirely obscure, its twisted root-like appearance is somehow familiar…
  • Abyss Ironclad (Dark Spirit): One of many travelers of the Dark Chasm of Old, identity unknown. This Dark Spirit takes the form of an Ironclad with twin Great Hammers which ti uses with a rare and frighteningly powerful Dual Wield technique.
  • Pretender to the Xanthous Throne (Dark Spirit): A traveler of the Dark Chasm of Old, this Dark Spirit casts an unmistakable shadow and attacks with an array of deadly Pyromancy. But could it really be…?
  • Tenebrous Rogue (Dark Spirit): One of many pilgrims wandering the Dark Chasm of Old, this unidentified Dark Spirit wields a Bandit's Knife and Mytha's Bent Blade; a tattered hood conceals its malevolent face. Who are these nameless explorers of the Dark, and what do they hope to gain when their pilgrimages reach an end?
  • Underworld Deadeye (Dark Spirit): An explorer of the Dark whose visage lies concealed by the monocle of Durgo's Hate. Whether this is in fact the legendary archer himself is uncertain. After all, what could so noble a hero hope to gain from lurking the dark depths?
  • Shadowveil Assassin (Dark Spirit): Yet another of the pilgrims traversing the Dark Chasm, its face is obscured beneath a shadowy hood. Its wicked and murderous armaments raise many questions about the intentions, and the sanity, of those who walk the Dark.
  • The Ghost of Princes Past (Dark Spirit): Though at first glance this netherwold traveler might appear nondescript and mundane, its lightning fast sword technique tells a different story. Who is this nimble warrior of shadow and from whom did he learn this deadly art? The mysteries of the Dark Chasm are as numerous as the murderous eyes glinting from its shadowy corners.
  • A Chip Off the Ol' Rock (Dark Spirit): A pilgrim of the Dark Chasm whose striking resemblance to an old friend couldn't possibly be a coincidence… could it?


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