Crestfallen Saulden


Saulden is a victim of the Undead Curse who traveled to Drangleic in the usual way, for the usual reasons, only to realize that the cure he sought was not so easily obtained. Saulden lost the will to continue his quest and settled down in Majula, where he spends his days wallowing in misery. He still has good advice on offer, however, and heads the Drangleic chapter of the Way of Blue, a Covenant which provides protection and guidance to Undead travelers newly arrived in the kingdom. While the bleak and desolate landscape of Majula only serves to deepen Saulden's sadness, livening up the town by bringing some new residents will raise his spirits considerably.

When aggroed Saulden will attack the Player with what looks like a claymore. He also has a Silver Eagle Kite Shield.


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