Children of Chaos

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The Witch of Izalith obtained a Lord Soul together with Nito, Gwyn and the Furtive Pygmy.

She's the mother of seven daughters, known as The Daughters of Chaos, and of a male descendant, now only known as Ceaseless Discharge.

In her city, the Witch and her daughters ambitiously attempted to recreate the First Flame by mediums of the flame sorceries they used, and her own Lord Soul. When she failed to control the flame that spawned, it consumed and moulded her into a twisted being known as Bed of Chaos. This is the origin of the Chaos Flame. The Chaos not only melted the rocky environment of the city, destroyed and left the city in ruins, but also killed and mutated many of its inhabitants, giving birth to the monstrous beings called Chaos Demons.

This page is dedicated to group the descendants of the Witch, and to provide information about them.

Ceaseless Discharge

He was the only male descendant of the Witch of Izalith. Please, refer to Ceaseless Discharge's page for more information.

In the pre-rendered intro, the Witch's seven daughters can be seen. They are the following:

Chaos Witch Quelaag

One of the mutated daughters. Please, refer to Quelaag's page for more information.

The Fair Lady

Another one of the mutated daughters. She holds the Chaos Servant covenant. Please, refer to Quelaag's Sister's page for more information.

Quelana of Izalith

Together with Grana, she's one of the daughters which survived the Chaos without being mutated or killed. Please, refer to Qualana of Izalith's page for more information.

Grana, the eldest daughter

Together with Quelana, she's one of the daughters which survived the Chaos without being mutated or killed. Please, refer to Daughter of Chaos's page for more information.

An unnamed daughter: corpse in front of Ceaseless Discharge

A corpse of a woman can be found in front of Ceaseless Discharge. The corpse is located in an altar, and holds the Gold-Hemmed Black Set. Since the description of this set specifically mentions Quelana wearing it, in the Intro it can be seen that every single daughter, and even the Witch, wear Gold-Hemmed robes. Also, Quelana is alive and well in the swamp of Blighttown, so the most logical assumption to make is that this description only mentions Quelana as she's the only daughter that the player really gets to know and to communicate with.


Two unnamed daughters, sacrificed to the Bed of Chaos

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