Chasm of the Abyss


Located under Oolacile, through the Oolacile Township Dungeon, where the people of Oolacile upturned the grave of the primeval man.

The Furtive Pygmy became Manus, Father of the Abyss in these very dungeons. The Abyss came to be created by the Primeval Human who, when his Humanity finally broke and went wild, became twisted and mutated into Manus. As the dark power of this rampant Humanity poured from him, the Abyss began to spread to the surface of Oolacile, anyone swallowed by the blackness underwent violent mutation. Among the victims, the sorcerers, who finally found the Dark power they sought, just as the Serpent had promised.

Behind an illusory wall, you will find a wolf cub, Sif, surrounded by Giant Humanity Spirits. Save him by slaying them all, and he will howl and disappear, leaving behind the Cleansing Greatshield - the same shield that Artorias used to protect him. Should you do this, you will be able to summon the wolf cub in the fight with Manus.


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