Chancellor Wellager


The ghost of the former Chancellor of Drangleic, one of King Vendrick's most trusted confidants. Wellager was an honorable man and a loyal servant of his Kingdom, but appears to have fallen victim to the widespread chaos left in the wake of his lord's disappearance and is not even aware of his own death. The sad state in which he is first encountered raises suspicions of foul play and leaves more questions about the plight of Drangleic than answers; yet even in death the Chancellor is cordial and hospitable towards his guests and will endeavor to make you feel welcome at the castle.

Wellager appears as a ghostly apparition in Drangleic Castle. He was the former Chancellor for King Vendrick. He was clearly a valued servant, as he was given Llewellyn armor, a very precious thing. He held the post of Chancellor prior to Nashandra's arrival on the scene. The cause of his death is unknown, but it may have happened around the time of the Giant's invasion. Perhaps he was killed on the King's order because of his pleas to move Vendrick to action against the Giants or perhaps he died attempting to follow the King, as Agdayne states:

"Many castle servants and the like have come to fetch their lord.
But they rest here now, put to death by the King's own guards."

Whatever the reason, his spirit remains fixed to Drangleic Castle.


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