Cemetery of Ash


This is where players find themselves revived, as an Unkindled.

The enemies encountered here are:

  • Grave Warden: These poor souls are other cursed undead who have lost all of their humanity. Most wander aimlessly, some stand idly in place. These sad souls are pitiable, but do not mistake their often passive demeanor as reason to treat them carelessly. Roused from their stupor, they may lash out.
  • Starved Hound: Don’t underestimate these emaciated undead hounds. They are lethally fast, and can quickly flank you and break your guard. They are often encountered in packs later in the game, and it is very easy to get overwhelmed and killed if you stumble into a group of them.
  • Ravenous Crystal Lizard: These rare foes are apparently an evolved form of Crystal Lizards, and are a source of Titanite Scales.


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