Captain Drummond


Drummond was the Royal Army Captain of Drangleic. He was ordered by King Vendrick to guard the fort that is now the Forest of Fallen Giants. Drummond’s ancestors served Drangleic for generations, principally as defenders of the great fort. Their weapons and armor were heirlooms passed from grandfather to father and then from father to son. Drummond, and those before him used these old and unadorned accoutrements when facing those who would threaten the great land of Drangleic. He, his father, and grandfather all fought the Giants in Drangleic.

When we meet Drummond he is a man advancing in years, grey streaks his hair and his face is lined. His tenacity and skill on the battlefield have earned him the respect and admiration of those whom he commands, such that the very mention of his name is reason enough to obey the bearer’s words.

Captain Drummond is the last of his line. A simple warrior who staked his every battle on strength alone. It is likely, as the Royal Army Captain, that he crossed the seas with Vendrick to the land of Giants. He appears to be on personal terms with the King, though not one that Vendrick would confide in as he does not know what “prize” Vendrick brought back (the souls of giants).

In his day, King Vendrick was fair and just and expected the same of his liegemen. Drummond believes that Vendrick built Drangleic to bring prosperity to His subjects, and yet when we meet him he expresses doubts about his King’s behavior. He has clearly observed a change in Vendrick, and asks “what has transformed him so?” Drummond is a man of honor and nobility, it may be that when Vendrick refused to face the Giants in battle (Chancellor Wellager recalls this moment for the Player: “King Vendrick… We must fight back… Or the Giants will take Drangleic…”) Drummond was struck by what he believed to be Vendrick’s cowardice. Alternatively, it may be a reference to how Vendrick’s countenance could be seen to grow darker every day after returning from the land of the Giants. This most likely being a reference to Vendrick’s continued frustration over his inability to find a cure for the Curse. Finally, it may be that Vendrick, while once being fair and just, had begun to behave inversely to this. Perhaps even then he was refusing to listen to his servants, and putting them to death.

Whatever the case, we know that Drummond was a man of great strength and integrity. He served his King and Drangleic despite his doubts about the venerable Lord. His final words are a proclamation that those who live by the sword will die by it, and he, Drummond, won’t go down without drawing his. It is likely he met his end in battle with the Giant Lord, though perhaps he lived to see the end of the war and the rubble of Drangleic.

Drummond’s helmet resembles a black bird of some sort. This may be a reference to Raime whose favorite bird was a raven. We do not know what role Raime played in the Drangleic military, but it is possible if not likely that he was the supreme commander of the King’s warriors, and that Drummond served under him, perhaps in close proximity. Further evidence towards this is that Drummond’s armor and weapons are very traditional, from a time before Llewellyn’s craftsmanship was introduced. It would therefore make sense that his armor depicts his loyalty to Raime, prior to Raime's exile. The presence of Raime’s shield at the fort indicates he may have fought there. Perhaps it was that Raime originally defended the fort, but upon being declared a traitor, the position was given to Drummond, a man of honor whose family had died defending the same place.


Drummond's Ancestors.




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