Cale, the Cartographer


Cale is a traveler who likes cartography. He is navigating Drangleic with the purpose of creating a map of the continent but he seems to have actually come to Drangleic in search for a cure to the Undead curse. He lives in the mansion in Majula as a squatter. He has found a map carved in stone of what seems to be Drangleic in the mansion's basement. Part of his reasons for making a map of Drangleic is to prove that the map in the mansion is indeed of Drangleic.

Once Creighton the Wanderer has been released, Cale claims that he saw a man who looked like someone from his home land, Mirrah. The man had been sentenced to death for several murders but escaped before his execution.

When aggroed Cale will attack the player with what appears to be an uchigatana, though he has a different move set to the player (perhaps because he doesn't know how to use it properly…)


Title of theory.




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