Caffrey, Goddess Of Fortune

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Caffrey is the Goddess of Fortune and is one of the gods the player may choose to align themselves with when using the Name-engraved Ring. Nothing is known about Caffrey for certain, but she may be the angelic figure found on the Rusted Coins throughout Drangleic. Using the Rusted Coin is said to bring the player "that little extra bit of luck":

Rusted Coin description:

An old rusted coin.
Crushing the coin temporarily boosts luck.

This rusted coin gives you that little extra
bit of luck, making items and the like
easier to find.

The coin is engraved with the image of a god
that was worshiped in ancient times,
but no one knows its true origins.

Caffrey's symbol on the Name-engraved ring is a soul sign.


Title of theory.


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