Burnt Ivory King


The Ivory King was once the highest ranking knight from the land of Forossa, famed for its god of war (likely Faraam). He had a reputation for being proud, ever-merciful and for being the first to swing his sword in times of need, be it for his homeland of Forossa or his people. With his magnificent soul, he built Eleum Loyce, a place made to contain the spread of Chaos. He built a Grand Cathedral to appease the raging flame (the Old Chaos) and placed his throne on the mouth of the Old Chaos, serving as the first line of defense. Throughout his life he devoted himself to the protection of the land of Eleum Loyce.

The King kept his countenance from the people by never removing his helmet (which has a face carved into it), he inspired his knights to do the same. The Ivory King kept 7 beasts as pets. They were each conferred a specific duty. Aava was given the task of guarding the Ivory King’s beloved child of Dark; Alsanna. Lud and Zallen were given the task of mercy killing exiles (interesting because the king was known for his mercy…). The King constructed the ramparts, a Garrison House and Golems to guard the ramparts so that nothing would ever escape Eleum Loyce. To this day, the Golem’s continue following the King’s orders.

One day Alsanna, a sister of Dark came to his land seeking the Ivory King. The King offered her his protection. Alsanna was beloved by the King and whether that affection was parental or romantic is unclear. Alsanna found a place at the King’s side. As time wore on the King sensed a degradation in his soul, Alsanna claims that the King was drained of vigor and the Eleum Loyce descriptions states that the King was drained of his strength. He decide to make one last attempt at subduing the Old Chaos. Before leaving, he gifted a sword to Alsanna inscribed with the name of the land: Eleum Loyce. The sword is two intertwining blades, one light, one dark. Whatever else remained of his Kingdom was also gifted to Alsanna. The Ivory King then departed and with his faithful knights entered the Old Chaos, never to be seen again. He was consumed by the Old Chaos and his soul burns in agony, alongside his Charred Loyce Knights.

The Ivory King’s will continues to live on through his Loyce Knights and Alsanna. The Loyce Knights await one who will lead them into the Old Chaos, faithful to the King’s final order to lead the advance on the swollen flame and strike down each malformed terror that arose from Chaos, not hesitating even if it were their own king. Alsanna, devotes herself to a ritual in hopes of appeasing the raging flame, trying to contain the Chaos in honour of the Ivory King. She only wishes that the Ivory King might be freed from the unspeakable Chaos, and that can only happen if he is defeated.

After the Ivory King left, his subjects dutifully awaited his return. Eventually the ivory gates of Eleum Loyce were flung open and the place turned frigid and lifeless. Alsanna was the only one that remained and the name of the Ivory King was lost. This cold brought a final end to the Ivory King’s reign, cold enough to dampen the greatest heat.

While the King’s reputation may have been upstanding with his people, there is evidence that he may not have been as benevolent as commonly believed.
1. He expelled people into the frigid outskirts, where the blizzard always blows. These people were sent there to die, at the hands of the King’s own pets. All that is left of these outskirts are ramshackle houses, but the community may have once thrived, as we see signs of intelligent design because of a Pharros Lockstone contraption. It may be that the expulsion chamber was created after the Ivory King was consumed and that Lud and Zallen follow the orders of Alsanna, who inherited them from the fallen King. This becomes more credible when you consider that the people would likely have turned traitor or tried to flee the land when the King departed, but Alsanna may have wished for them to stay in honor of his wishes.
2. He sealed away weaponry formed by rock, tree and the remnants of a most peculiar soul (the curved nil greatsword). It may be that this sword was forged in the Old Chaos, or perhaps it was something the King feared.
3. He never revealed his face, which may indicate he had something to hide. Though it may have meant he was disfigured, or too humble (which is unlikely considering his known pride).
4. He loved a child of Dark, despite apparently knowing her true nature and gifted her everything.
5. He is repeatedly mentioned to be proud. It was conceit that destroyed the Old Iron King, and perhaps the Ivory King's fate was similar.


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