Brotherhood Of Blood Covenant

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Covenant Leader: Titchy Gren

The Brotherhood of Blood is a mysterious cult whose members are devoted to the war god Nahr Alma, the god of blood. The members of this bloodthirsty covenant are tasked with collecting blood in order to offer it as a sacrifice to Nahr Alma. According to Titchy Gren, the members of the Brotherhood of Blood have a feud with the Blue Sentinels, mainly due to the opposite objectives of both covenants.

Covenant Rewards

  • Crest of Blood: Ring of the Brotherhood of Blood Covenant. No notable effect. This is nothing special. Perhaps, in the end, an oath is but a window into the ambitions of the oath taker. If you have taken this oath, then you know what you want. To be soaked in the blood of your kind.
  • Curved Twinblade: A twinblade imported from a foreign land. The razor-sharp blades cause bleeding, but as a result, are easily worn and dulled. When wielded by a master, this dual-tipped blade is an unparalleled weapon that hardly allows a foe the opportunity to retaliate.
  • Crescent Sickle: A sickle with a crescent-shaped blade. This sickle, enchanted by magic, is not intended as a weapon, but rather a ceremonial instrument.
  • Great Chaos Fireball: The Chaos Flame is said to have devoured the mother of pyromancy.


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