Boletarian Palace


"A huge stone castle in the northern kingdom of Boletaria.
Hungry soldiers whose souls have been stolen by demons attack trespassers, and terrible dragons nest there."

The Boletarian Palace became home to the might of two fire-breathing dragons, and the three heroes of Boletaria transformed by the demonic fog. The Kingdom was once privileged to house the its finest heroes: Alfred, the Knight of the Tower; Metas, the Knight of the Lance, and Long Bow Oolan, who commanded a legion of archers. Their physical bodies were twisted and distorted into demonic entities while their souls remained to guard the pathway leading to their False King - a demonic embodiment of the true King Allant.

Archstone of the Covetous King

Gates of Boletaria (Boletarian Palace, 1-1)

The Lord's Path (Phalanx Archstone, 1-2)

Inner Ward (Tower Knight Archstone, 1-3)

The King's Tower (Penetrator Archstone, 1-4)

False King Archstone (1-5)


Title of theory.


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