Blue-Eyed Durgo


Blue-eyed Durgo was an expert bowman from the land of Lanafir. His hat has a built-in monocle that extends bow range. He and his brother-in-law, who is unnamed, defended Lanafir from invaders. They were well known even outside of their land.

A red phantom wielding a Dragonslayer Greatbow and one wearing an elite knight set and dual wielding longswords, defend the King's Gate in Drangleic Castle on the way to the Throne of Want. It is possible that these two phantoms are Durgo and his brother-in-law.

His hat resembles Pharis's Hat in Dark Souls 1, but (as they change depending on gender) it resembles the hat that women wear (with a built-in monocle added).


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Hawk Ring
A ring graced with the engraving of a hawk. Extends the range of arrows. Blue-eyed Durgo, the nomadic bowman, had many valiant victory in battle, half owing to the boon of this ring.

Durgo's Hat
Monocled hat favored by Blue-eyed Durgo. Extends arrow range. The hero Durgo, an expert bowman, and his brother-in-law defended their homeland from aggressors. In spite of Lanafir's policy of isolationism, Durgo was well known even beyond its domain.


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