Black Knights


The loyal warriors of Gwyn known as Black Knights were once part of the regular armies of Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight: Silver Knights. When the chaos engulfed Izalith, and hundreds of demons appeared, some of these knights were given new weapons, specially forged to fight demons.

Silver Knight Set
When Lord Gwyn departed to link the Fire, his knights split into two groups.
The Silver Knights remained in the forsaken capital in the service of their goddess.

When they arrived, the war was fierce and brutal. The knights, defeated by the demons, were charred black and along with Gwyn, retreated. Then, Gwyn decided to link the First Flame to prolong the Age of Fire. The then already Black Knights followed him, and when he linked the Flame, the Black Knights were burned to ashes.

Now, they wander the world as disembodied spirits, as it can be seen in the stairs descending into the Kiln of the First Flame. Others can be found around Lordran.

Black Knight Set
The knights followed Lord Gwyn when he departed to link the flame,
but they were burned to ashes in newly kindled fire,
wandering the world as disembodied spirits ever after.

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