Black Gulch


A drab and toxic area, covered in fluorescent green mould and statues that spit globs of poison.

Darkdiver Grandahl can be found here, in a hidden room accessed using the Forgotten Key. Lucatiel of Mirrah also appears in this area, in a tunnel off the beaten path. Near the entrance to the Rotten's chamber, Lone Hunter Schmidt can be summoned.

The Black Gulch is believed to be where Pharros finally died after being thrown into The Gutter.


Shulva, Sanctum City
The Gutter

The foes encountered here are:

  • Coal Tar: Ambush predators living in the tar pits of Black Gulch. These mysterious invertebrates wait for prey to pass within striking distance and then burst out to attack, using fingerlike appendages to immobilize the victim while grinding it apart with hideous chewing mouthparts.
  • Razorback Nightcrawler: This giant millipede is found only in Black Gulch. In contrast to the artificial creatures roaming The Gutter, the Razorback Nightcrawler is a product of an undisturbed evolution. They are more capable of crushing a careless passerby with their great weight and tremendous power.
  • Elite Giant: Senior soldiers of the army of Giants that invaded Drangleic long ago. Far larger and more formidable than their subordinates, the only Elite Giants to have survived the war reside in a hidden cavern in Black Gulch. The two obelisk-sized stone clubs wielded by an Elite Giant can reduce flesh to paste and bone to powder. This mountain of a foe is beyond all but the mightiest of warriors… or the most bottomless of ammunition stockpiles.
  • The Rotten: A patchwork entity born from an amalgamation of lost souls and the withered bodies they inhabited, over time The Rotten absorbed so many life forces that he came to possess a Wonderous Soul of his own. He dwells deep below the surface world, embracing all that arrive at the sanctuary for things unwanted or thrown away and granting them new life as a part of himself.


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