Biorr of the Twin Fangs


Biorr of the royal Twin Fangs wears full Brushwood Armor, and carries a Brushwood Shield, Heavy Crossbow, and a //Great Sword. After being rescued from the jail near the Tower Knight in Boletarian Palace, he can be found in front of the Valley of Defilement archstone in the Nexus.

Biorr is the elder member of the elite duo known as the Twin Fangs, King Allant's greatest warriors. Their Brushwood Armour made their defense nearly impenetrable, and they possessed great strength to wear their armor. He and Vallarfax, the other half of the duo, were both members of King Allant's round table of knights when the Demon scourge came to the Boletarian Palace. The player first encounters Biorr locked up in the dungeons of the Boletarian Palace after he was defeated by the black souls of other knights of the round table. In the beginning, he is adamant that the colorless fog could not be the work of the King, that it must be lies told by the true perpetrators who seek to overthrow Allant. After he assists in the battle with the boss Penetrator (corrupted form of Metas, the knight of the Lance), Biorr appears to have come to terms with the truth and warns the player not to underestimate the King nor his protectors if the player seeks to challenge Allant.

Despite the grim situation, Biorr remains upbeat, often cracking a light-hearted joke while in a conversation with the player, this is thought to be an attempt to hide his grief. Biorr speaks of his brother Vallarfax in the past tense and what is likely Vallarfax's armor is found at the bottom of Executioner Miralda's tower indicating he was killed at some point before Biorr's imprisonment. Biorr's grief may also explain why he puts himself in harms way, first assisting the player in defeating the boss Penetrator and then serving as a momentary distraction for the player to run past the Blue Dragon. If Biorr survives the battle with the Blue Dragon the conversation which follows implies that he has been mortally wounded, it is the last time the player will see him alive and the Dregling Merchant, known for taking items off corpses to sell, later has his armor for sale.

Biorr mentions after being rescued by the player that he was defeated by "the black souls of mighty knights." Later when he jumps in to assist the player in the battle with Penetrator he proclaims that the Demon will be stopped "once and for all." This may indicate that Penetrator is the one who defeated Biorr and caused him to be imprisoned by the Fat Ministers. That Penetrator focuses entirely on Biorr and ignores the player is further evidence of some unresolved conflict between the two knights. Like the Penetrator, Biorr has a potent hatred of the Fat Ministers.

When his partner, Vallarfax, fled the Kingdom and escaped the fog to warn the rest of the world of Boletaria’s plight, Biorr stayed behind to defend the honor of the True King Allant. He soon found himself at a great disadvantage against the Kingdom’s new demonic inhabitants. He possesses great wisdom and knowledge about Boletaria and an undying devotion to the real King, which he valiantly shows while aiding the player in battle. Or, if one takes what Ostrava says as truth, Vallarfax was "lost" and Biorr slipped through "the fissure." Characters often refer to an opening in the Deep Fog as a fissure, but according to the prologue, Biorr has not left Boletaria since the scourge began. A fissure is a weakness or flaw which has been split open forming a narrow opening. That definition could apply to the hole in the skylight of Miralda's tower, Biorr could have stepped over the skylight and it broke causing him to "slip" through and disappear into the darkness of the tower, "never to be heard from again." That would mean it could be Biorr's corpse at the bottom of the tower, which raises all kinds of questions about who the player rescues from the Palace jail.


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