Belfry Luna


The bell here and the one in Belfry Sol symbolize the bond between two lovers who could never be united.

The Princess of Venn made the bellkeepers to guard the great Bell of Alken for the prince's honor. They are so dedicated that the threaten to slice any visitor to shreds. They claim to have been watching over the bell forever, but it is likely just for as long as they have existed, though the bell tower itself has stood for ages. So, the dolls stay vigilant, though they outlived the kingdoms in which they were created.

The foes encountered here are:

  • Bell Keeper: The bells are the symbols of forbidden love, and the marionettes who defend them do so with zealous passion. They've been watching over, and ringin', the bells forever. If you seek to stop them, or to ring a bell for yourself, you'll have to face these tiny terrors.
  • Belfry Gargoyles: Gargoyles have been used as guardians throughout the ages, stretching far back into the early Age of Fire. What brings these mysterious sentinels to life? Perhaps the sound of the bells they guard awakens them? Or do the gentle chimes comfort them in their long stone sleep?


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