Bed of Chaos


The boss of Lost Izalith.

In a futile attempt to prolong the Age of Fire, the Witch of Izalith tried to recreate the First Flame. The ritual was a failure and it instead created a distorted being of chaos and fire. Its power formed a bed of life which consumed the witch and most of her followers. The Bed of Chaos is located in a chamber below Lost Izalith, guarded by a Daughter of Chaos.

The Bed takes the form of a huge, gnarled tree, with a humanoid shape. It attacks with two arm-like limbs, and eventually sprouts flaming limbs that resemble wings from an apparition on its back, with which it also attacks. An insect-like creature is found below the tree-shaped creature.

The Bed of Chaos resembles a uterus, which is a recurring theme in games directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki.
Each of the side domes is an ovary, then the player crawls into the cervical canal to kill the fetus in the womb. All other demons are said to be born of the Bed of Chaos.

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Bed of Chaos is the center of the Izalith Kiln


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