Bataran is the narrator for the introductory exposition for the game and is the first character the player encounters.

He claims there are fruits he hasn't eaten in centuries and that they bather in the Ashen Light for centuries oblivious to the sickness it gave them.

Bataran is a Listener who served the Great Ashen long ago as a Guardian to it's waning light. presumably he did this during the Third Age. The Great Ashen broke Bataran with it's brilliance (his arm) Bataran may well be the last master Ashsmith in existence according to Amara

Bataran is the younger brother of Amiren

Bataran was dissapointed that the (presumably, other) Listener's took to war with "disturbing enthusiasm"

He lost his "Bataran's Hammer" and "Bataran's Spark" to vagrants which the player helps recover and slay. Whilst the player is doing this, Bataran searches the foothills and failed to find The Ashen, who is the reincarnation of the Great Ashen. He asks the player to consult Gefn, claiming she will know where to look for The Ashen.

After defeating Ukkoto, Bataran will ask to see Ukkoto's Faceplate as he believes it contains Darkness. you can choose to keep the Faceplate or give it to Bataran. If you give the faceplate to Bataran he will subsequently give it to Amara who he believes will make good use of it.

He creates an Anvil where he can forge ash, resuming his Ashsmithing He can reforge your weapons and make them stronger.


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