Balder Knight


A knight from the land of Balder. They were led by Knight King Rendal in his quest for glory to Anor Londo.

These knights can be found in the Undead Parish and Sens Fortress. There are three types of Balder Knights: One wields the Balder Side Sword and Balder Shield, another wields a Rapier and Buckler, and the third wields only a Light Crossbow.

Crestfallen Merchant provides some context to the Balder Knights:

Let me give you a nibble of advice.
Don't even consider visiting Anor Londo. Not in your state.
For a century, they have tried, and failed.
The Knight King Rendal, Black Iron Tarkus, and even Logan himself.
You won't stand a chance. You'll be eaten alive…


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