Armor Spider


The boss of Stonefang Tunnel.

A giant, red-eyed spider which can shoot webbing and use amped up versions of the spells fireball and ignite.

While not tied into the lore of the area by any specific figure, one can guess at the Spider's origins. Many animals in the game have become monstrous due to the consumption of Souls, not the least of which are the Crystal Lizards, which can be found in abundance in the Stonefang mines of 2-2, who create ores in their stony bodies after eating Souls which combine with natural deposits in their bodies. The Spider may be one such creature who grew into an impressive foe after devouring enough Souls. The text on the spell Ignite, created with the Armor Spider's Demon Soul, claims it is a "very primitive" form of magic, implying it had an animal origin, perhaps being a trait already possessed by the fauna here.

Armor Spider's Hard demon soul can be used to craft smaller scale versions of its fire attacks, Ignite and Fire Spray. It can also be used to create the Lava Bow from the spider's leg which imbues the arrows with fire damage.


Created by the Fat Ministers

Created by the Old Monk

Created Accidentally


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