A female character the player discovers after defeating Ukkoto she grants the player the right to talk to Gefn within the Birthing Waters.

She is the daughter of The Shadow of the Ashen and she was once a Seer of Lathyrus.

Gefn binds Amara to the player until the pieces of the Heart of Lathyrus are found.

Amara claims she can draw Threads of Light from scoria, and that these Threads of Light can be weaved to improve Talismans.

Amara compares herself to a "Bird who has lost her song" when she isn't in possession of her Lyre after it was broken. She requires the player to help repair it using a Pot of Glue.

Amara wants to use the Heart of Lathyrus to find The Ashen and welcome the Ashen Light. Gefn wishes her to do this.

She claims that she was looking for the "Lights Blessing", and if the player takes the good route is called a "Blessing to the Light".


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