Aldrich, Devourer of Gods


Aldrich is one of the Lords of Cinder. He is also known as the Saint of the Deep.

Aldrich was formerly a holy cleric who had an insatiable appetite for human flesh. At some point during the Church’s battle and eventual submission to the Deep, the man-eater Aldrich somehow joined their ranks. Thus, he began his journey to power. His growing strength eventually transformed him into an abomination and he became a Lord of Cinder. While thinking on the fading First Flame, he began to have visions of a "coming age of the deep sea", from which he founded the Church of the Deep, utilizing a darkness, far beyond that of Humanity, known as the Deep. Initially, Aldrich worked to seal or otherwise keep monsters at bay that spawned from the Deep. He also worked to keep foolish humans from trying to access the Deep’s powers. Aldrich's visions of an age after the Age of Fire led him to seek the power to be able to travel the difficult path that leading into the new age.

The Church of the Deep was founded to serve Aldrich and provide a steady stream of sacrifices, overseen by Pontiff Sulyvahn and Archdeacon Royce. Unfortunately, the power eventually consumed him, and the Church of the Deep appears to have become nothing more than a group that waits on and supports Aldrich by burning people or bringing them to him to consume.

Aldrich was not the only one in power in the Church of the Deep. He was at the top, but there were three Archdeacons below him: Royce (who remained in the cathedral with the high priests to watch over Aldrich’s coffin), McDonnell (who originated from the Boreal Valley and taught the Church sorcery), and Klimt (who left the Church of the Deep to stand with Aldrich when he left for the Boreal Valley).

After Aldrich was revived as a Lord of Cinder, he began dreaming of the Old Gods and sought to devour them. Sulyvahn travelled with him to Anor Londo and managed to capture Dark Sun Gwyndolin who sacrificed himself to save his sister, Company Captain Yorshka. She managed to evade capture, but Aldrich devoured Gwyndolin.


Why He was a Saint

Aldrich Originated from the Boreal Valley

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