Boss of the Shrine of Storms.

A strange looking demon with a golden crow on its head and an extremely long tongue which he uses to attack victims who are out of the range of his cleavers. He grew fat from eating the demonslayers who attempted to penetrate deeper into the Shrine of Storms. The Adjudicator is a representation of an ancient God worshipped by the long-dead Shadowmen, given life by the colorless Fog. In their tradition, it was claimed that he, guided by his true master, the Golden Bird, was the one who oversaw the judgement of the dead, punishing them for their sins, should they have committed them. In line with their culture's warring nature, acts of cowardice in particular were punishable, as well as the eating of birds. The Adjudicator's cleaver was said to be capable of not only cutting up the meat of his victims, but their very souls, reflected in the weapon that can be made with his Demon Soul's ability to steal health from enemies.


A long existence, and birds


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