Acolyte of God


The acolyte is a part of the Church, but is not a priest as he mixes a chain mail chest piece with leather armor gauntlets and leggings, attacks with a dagger, and knows no miracles. He can be found on the left side on the bottom floor of the Nexus near the Worshipper and the Disciple.

He will tell you about how he lost his courage and left Saint Urbain in a trap. If you rescue Saint Urbain then kill the Saint within the Nexus, the Acolyte will become hostile. Conversely, if you kill the Acolyte, then Saint Urbain will not react, signifying his ambivalence to his followers.

He accompanied Saint Urbain to the Shrine of Storms, but turned and ran away when the grave robber Patches captured Urbain in a trap. He becomes incredibly depressed that he has violated his oath and begs the player to rescue Saint Urbain. He is exceedingly grateful to the player once Saint Urbain is rescued. The acolyte has a contempt for Patches and anyone who does business with him. He hates magicians and considers their works dark magic.

An acolyte in the Catholic Church has been ordained into the highest of the four minor orders. He is a follower and helper, able to carry the wine, water, and the lights at Mass. He is an assistant to Saint Urbain.


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