In a new, blighted world, the embers of a once proud kingdom set the stage. The timeline of the game is hard to pinpoint, and it perhaps flows between times without being overt. There are ancient dragons, giant humanoids, and a building that is architecturally reminiscent of Anor Londo.

"As they say of pilgrimage, the fire fades, and Lords have no thrones." Players are invited to "embrace the darkness".

Ashes of Ariandel (DLC1)

The Ringed City (DLC2)

At the close of the Age of Fire, as the world ends and all lands converge upon themselves, a lone adventurer descends into the madness of the earth and uncovers the secrets of the past. The ringed city is said to be at world's end; past this heap of rubbish, as far as one can go.

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