Anastacia of Astora: How Anastacia Ended Up at Firelink Shrine

Big Hat Logan: Logan Went Insane, Not Hollow

Big Hat Logan: How Logan Ended Up in Those Cages

Crystal Knight: Eidas and the Crystal Knight

Darkmoon Knightess: How the Lady of the Darkling got her Humanity

Darkstalker Kaathe:Usurping the Flame

Crestfallen Warrior: The Warrior Symbolizes a Casual Player

Elizabeth Was Created by Dusk

Everlasting Dragon Could be a Firekeeper

Everlasting Dragon Was Not Always a Dragon

Griggs of Vinheim is a spy from Vinheim sent to observe Logan

Havel the Rock and Ash Lake

Why Havel was Inprisoned

List of Frampt's known acquaintances

Frampt was jealous of Seath

Kirk's connection to the Darkwraiths and Chaos Servants

How Lautrec ended up imprisoned in the Parish

Where Lautrec gets his Sunlight Medal from

Laurentius and the Butchers

Petrus is Not Undead

Quelana is a ghost

Rhea was abducted by a Channeler and was taken to the Duke's Archives

Sieglinde is not Undead

Solaire may be Gwyn's Firstborn

Solaire is a normal Human / Undead

The Female Undead Merchant may be Yulia

The Female Undead Merchant may be Yulva

The Male Undead Merchant and Yulia

Vamos is part of the Izalith royal line

Witch Beatrice has ties to Velka

Witch Beatrice came from Oolacile.

Jeremiah is King of Oolacile

Jeremiah is Infected by a Massive Parasite


Artorias' Pact with the Beasts of the Abyss

Asylum Demon killed Oscar of Astora

Bed of Chaos is the center of the Izalith Kiln

Kalameet is the cause of Oolacile's downfall

Priscilla’s Parentage

The Legend of the Chosen Undead, Gwyndolin and Velka

Illusions of Anor Londo

Velka's Involvement in the Four Kings' Betrayal of Gwyn

Gaping Dragon climbed up from Blighttown

"First of the Dead"

Manus is the Furtive Pygmy

Why Pinwheel Stole Nito's Power

Pinwheel's Possible Involvement with the Occult Rebellion

Pinwheel's Three Masks

Why there are Channelers in Undead Parish and The Depths

The Origin of Seath’s Name

The Origin of the Name Sif


The Butchers are feeding the Giant Rat

Mimics are From Oolacile

The Parasitic Wall Hugger might be a Chaos Bug

The Serpent Men and Seath

The Silver Knights are Humans


All-Father Lloyd, the Church of the Way of White and its Teachings

Carmina's Fate

Two unnamed Daughters of Chaos were sacrificed to the Bed of Chaos

King Rendal is Still Alive

Legacy of Pharis

Velka's Plotting and the Occult Rebellion

Yulva is Alive


The Meaning of the Anor Londo and its Renaissance Inspiration

Why There is a Hydra In Darkroot Basin

The Kiln is where the Lords Souls were found

Sen's Identity

Sen's Fortress: Training Ground

Undead Burg and the kingdom of Balder

Why the old Undead Parish was abandoned

The Fall of Oolacile

Oolacile is a Reference to the Christian Paradise

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